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Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang (idiom underlined)

A and B is going together to the school canteen.

A: I think we should sit in there.
B: Of course. You name it.
A: I wish you keep in mind that today you wanna
foot the bill.
B: Yes, I remember. just like I said before.
A: You are so kind. Can we order the menu now?
B: Yes, but wait..I  have a gut feeling.
A: What happened?
B: Oh, God. I left my phone on the class room.
A: So let’s take that! Get a move on!
B: Hurry!

A and B leave the canteen, not long after that, C and D come to the canteen.

C: Hey, man. This seat is free.
D: It’s alright.
C: Do you want to order something?
D: No, I’ve bought my own food. That’s cheaper.
C: It’s your rule of thumb, always save your money.
D: Well, I must. I don’t come from well-off family.
C: We are on the same wavelength.
D: Yeah, by the way, I think A is a kind person, this morning he gave me a hand to do those exercise.
C: Really? But that name rings a bell.

Suddenly, A and B back to the canteen.

A: Hey guys!!
D: oh hi A and B. Come join us.
C: A, now I remember. We are come from the same high school, aren’t we? Time really flies.
B: You always slip your mind, C.
A: No matters. I know you too busy with your new job.
D: Let’s make this a little funny, maybe order something to eat.
A: Guess what? B want to foot the bill.
B: That’s right. If necessary, You two also included. The more the merrier.
C: Awesome! We are very hungry and poor. Our luck.
D: You can say that again! Thanks before, B.
B: No need to thank me. Just order, all you can eat.
C: Okay, like what you have said
A: I wonder if you do this everyday B.
B: Wow, I’ll be in the red soon if like that.
C: Exactly.
D: No doubt about it.

B: Hey, none of you order something.
C: That’s the problem.
D: We are too shy to order.
A: You must decide it.
B: okay, okay. I’ll order for you guys.4  cups of tea, Is there anybody want more?
A,C,D: No..!!?

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