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Contoh dialog bahasa inggris 3 orang

Performed by: Yusuf, Heni and Rudi

Situation: (Heni is waiting for a bus in the Bus Stop. Suddenly, Yusuf is coming to sit down beside her)
Yusuf: So you are waiting for the bus too, right?
Heni: Yes. But actually I’m confusing about which bus that I must take to home from here. I’m a newcomer.
Yusuf: I know how you must feel.
Heni: Oh, well, such is life.
Yusuf: But I don’t know very well about this city.I’m so sorry I can’t help you.
Heni: No problem.
(Rudi is coming. Then joining them)
Rudi: Excuse me Sir, can you move a little? I want to sit down here.
Yusuf: Sure. Why not?
Rudi: Thank you very much.
Yusuf:  It was my pleasure. Are you occupant of this city, Sir?
Rudi: Yes, I am.
Yusuf: This people is getting lost. Would you mind to help him?
Rudi: No. I’m glad if I can help you.What’s the matter Miss?
Heni: I’m lost. Then, you must know about the bus route information.
Rudi: Of course. Where will you go?
Heni: I want to go home to Bogor.
Rudi: You must take the red bus. It will bring you to Bogor. For additional informations, y ou can use this map. I have several maps.
Heni: Thanks a lot.
Rudi: It’s okay.
Yusuf: Could you please give me that? It will be useful for me too.
Rudi: Sure. Here it is.
Yusuf: That’s very kind of you.
Rudi: Don’t mention it.
Yusuf: Hey, that is the red bus! Hurry up. You have to step into the bus.
Rudi: That’s right!
Heni: Okay. See you later all.
____T h e  E n d____

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